Intel Solaris 8 on Poweredge 4300 Follow up

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Intel Solaris 8 on Poweredge 4300 Follow up

Arthur Forzon

Hello Everyone,


Thank you for all the responses.

Here is a little bit of a background and where I have progressed since Friday.


Firstly, I had a few questions as to why I would be installing Intel Solaris 8 on a 4300.

I am working on a forensic project, where company A is suing company B this case has been in court since early 2000’s, the hardware/software at the time was Intel Solaris 8 and a Dell Power Edge 4300, so I am replicating the environment.


As for my current progress.

I have found drivers/utilities on the Dell website, one in particular is:



PERC2QC-281_6099-A15.exe (1MB)


It’s an update for the Raid controller.


After applying the update I am able to see all six drives during boot and I am able to create a raid1, raid5, raid10, volume arrays, its working on creating a Raid5 currently but the scrubbing process is taking quite a while to complete.


If the above still does not fix the issue of seeing the drives  during installation, the next step to try is a MegaRAID driver for Solaris:


Please keep in mind that it’s been an adventure finding old floppies (that work), and finding hardware to read the floppies but that’s another story.


Again, thank you to everyone who has replied.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask.








Arthur Forzon

QA Consultants

Mobile: 416-830-2837

Skype: aforzon.qac


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